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In early 2005 the cycling scene in India changed dramatically when Firefox introduced an imported range of approx 30 bike models into the Indian market. The first company owned Firefox Bike Station was opened in Delhi in April 2005. Designed, keeping in mind customer oriented bike & accessories displays & backed by trained sales & technical staff, the Bike Station proved an instant success & provided the template for future expansion. The present count of 8 company owned outlets & more than 60 carefully chosen Franchisee outlets all over India are testament to the success of Firefox's distribution strategy. The present range of almost 70 bike models provides the Bike Stations with the ability to offer bikes to all ages & category of buyers. In June 2006 Firefox teamed up with the finest cycling company in the world, Trek Bicycle Corp, USA& in 2010 this tie-up was further strengthened with the introduction of Gary Fisher Collection. Simultaneously in 2010, Firefox introduced Finish Line (specialists in cycling lubricants) & Slime (specialists in puncture resistant products) to the Indian market. The Trail Continues.

Friday, June 1, 2012

1st Cruiser Bike in India - Firefox America 26"

To serve you different, new & better than previous, we are again happy to introduce our 1st Cruiser Bike for Men as well as for women too. (See the bike images below).

Even before your feet hit the pedals, Firefox Cruisers will make you smile. Their picture-perfect styling recalls a carefree era of boardwalk cruising, mean these stylish rides will bring a smile to your face for years to come. 

Cruiser bikes are meant for long, leisurely rides on the beach or through the country, keeping you comfortable while transporting you for miles. Cruisers typically feature a lower top tube, larger tires and fenders to keep you dry. Cruisers are comfortable, easy to ride and handle well on roads, sidewalks, grass and hard-packed sand. 

Are you ready to feel different kind of biking comfort.

For more info, feel free to call us at 9891400800 or write at info@firefoxbikes.com 


  1. Hermosa Beach All parts and components are blacked out,giving it a very cool,toughb and mellow look.


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  3. hi what is the price in india

  4. are u planning like some e cycles in same models

  5. How do i buy this i live in a small village in south india advice me plz