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In early 2005 the cycling scene in India changed dramatically when Firefox introduced an imported range of approx 30 bike models into the Indian market. The first company owned Firefox Bike Station was opened in Delhi in April 2005. Designed, keeping in mind customer oriented bike & accessories displays & backed by trained sales & technical staff, the Bike Station proved an instant success & provided the template for future expansion. The present count of 8 company owned outlets & more than 60 carefully chosen Franchisee outlets all over India are testament to the success of Firefox's distribution strategy. The present range of almost 70 bike models provides the Bike Stations with the ability to offer bikes to all ages & category of buyers. In June 2006 Firefox teamed up with the finest cycling company in the world, Trek Bicycle Corp, USA& in 2010 this tie-up was further strengthened with the introduction of Gary Fisher Collection. Simultaneously in 2010, Firefox introduced Finish Line (specialists in cycling lubricants) & Slime (specialists in puncture resistant products) to the Indian market. The Trail Continues.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Firefox Bikes launches 9-member road cycling team - Team Trek Firefox Racing

Firefox Bikes on Wednesday announced the launch of its first-ever road cycling team comprising of nine national level cyclists who will be provided state-of-the-art training from some of the finest coaches across the globe.

The nine-member team comprises of Adarsh Saxena, Jethuram Ghat, Mudit Sharma, Rahul Singh, Rajnish Kumar, Sachin Panwar, Satpal Singh, Suresh Bishnoi, Richard McDowell.

The team will be mentored by noted coach Srinath Rajam and backed by Peaks Coaching Group.

Speaking on the occasion, Firefox Bikes; MD Shiv Inder Singh said, "It's our attempt to work with India's best young cyclists and their coaches' majority of them aged between 17-21 years. The key feature of Team Trek Firefox is the use of sophisticated electronic measuring devices to monitor and constantly improve power, strength and out of the cyclist."

Coach Rajam stated: "We aim to provide India's best young cyclists a platform to enhance their careers and take it to the next level by giving them a cutting edge in cycling training and racing experiences backed by world class coaches."

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

G-Form Products now available in India

Firefox has introduced G-Form products in India.

History of G-Form
G-Form was founded by avid athletes that shared in a common vision of using advanced polymer technology to revolutionize impact protection and vibration dampening for competition.  The founding team included expertise in a wide variety of sports, but perhaps more importantly expertise in polymer chemistry, 3D design, photography, mold making, entrepreneurship, innovation and out-of-the-box thinking.
Rather than have products developed and driven from a “board room” down marketing approach, the team has worked together to make products developed from the athlete’s point of view —  making use of state of the art smart materials and polymers to make products no one previously knew could possibly be made.
While the team has grown exponentially from the early days, and product lines have expanded to electronics protection and military/tactical gear,  the philosophy of  innovation by and for the athlete remains.  In addition to a passion for athletics and creation, the team has always shared the common bond of also working for the community and supporting social causes, and has a goal of setting some records there too.

Biking range: 
  • Elbow Pads - The G-Form pads  protects from repeated impacts – unlike a bicycle helmet, it does not need to be replaced after impact, and does not lose any of it’s protective qualities after repeated use.

  • Knee Pads -  The unique way the pad is shaped and molded, plus it’s attachment to the compression fabric, keeps the pad close to the surface of the body, and this enhances the protection, especially compared to hard shell pads that can move out of place.

  • Brakehood Overgrip - G-Form Brake Hood Gel Over-Grips are the first product engineered specifically to dampen the vibration between your hands and the brake hoods. G-Form Pressure Relief Gel reduces the fatigue in your hands, arms, shoulders and neck. Self-adhering, Repositionable, Customizable, Leaves no residue.

To get more insight about available G-Form products with us, can go through the following given links updated on our official website.

For more info on G-Form products, feel free to call us at +91 9891400800 OR write us at info@firefoxbikes.com.

Friday, June 1, 2012

1st Cruiser Bike in India - Firefox America 26"

To serve you different, new & better than previous, we are again happy to introduce our 1st Cruiser Bike for Men as well as for women too. (See the bike images below).

Even before your feet hit the pedals, Firefox Cruisers will make you smile. Their picture-perfect styling recalls a carefree era of boardwalk cruising, mean these stylish rides will bring a smile to your face for years to come. 

Cruiser bikes are meant for long, leisurely rides on the beach or through the country, keeping you comfortable while transporting you for miles. Cruisers typically feature a lower top tube, larger tires and fenders to keep you dry. Cruisers are comfortable, easy to ride and handle well on roads, sidewalks, grass and hard-packed sand. 

Are you ready to feel different kind of biking comfort.

For more info, feel free to call us at 9891400800 or write at info@firefoxbikes.com 

Friday, May 25, 2012

How to Box your Bike

Taking your bike away with you on a plane can be a nerving experience. You have invested a heap of coin into your pride and joy and lets face it we have all been sitting in a window seat watching how carefully the baggage handlers look after our luggage!

Materials Needed

Obviously, you’ll need a bike box. These are available at bike shops. Call first to check availability. They'll need to know your bike size to select the right box, too. Another specialty item is a fork protection splitter. This is inserted into the fork to prevent damage. Shops can supply this or you can make one out of a 1- x 1-inch block of wood 100mm long with screws and washers in the ends.

Shops can also provide an axle protector, which is pressed onto the front axle to keep it from poking through the box. Or you can cover the axle with cardboard.

Required Tools:
  • 2 inch-wide packing tape 
  • packing material: cardboard, newspaper or bubble wrap 
  • string and/or zip ties 
  • marker to address the box and cross out old addresses 
  • Small cardboard box 
  • pedal wrench 
  • 4, 5, 6 mm allen keys 
  • pliers 
  • Rubber mallet
Let's get started:
Before removing the seatpost, wrap a piece of tape around it right at the frame to mark your seat height so you’ll set things right during reassembly.

Remove the pedals by turning the right counterclockwise and the left clockwise (the left pedal is “reverse threaded”). Put the pedals in the parts box.

Remove the front brake. If you have a road bike with sidepull brakes, remove the front brake from the fork reattaching its nut and any hardware (photo) and wrapping it in paper (do not detach the cable).   For linear-pull and cantilever brakes, remove the side of the brake that’s attached to the cable being sure to tape the parts together so they can’t get lost.

Removing the brake like this retains your adjustment and lets the brake move with the handlebars.   Remove the handlebars. If you have a stem that can be opened to remove the handlebars, do so and replace the stem bolts snugging them so they won’t fall out and get lost during shipping (leave the stem in place on the bike).

Be sure to reattach the top cap and spacers noting their position for correct reassembly. Also, install a zip tie (or tape) around the top of the fork just above the top spacer (photo) so it won’t rattle or fall out of the frame.

Remove the front wheel. Unscrew the quick release, extract it from the hub and then reassemble it and place it in the parts box. Press the axle protector into both sides of the axle. Put the fork protection block in place between the dropouts.

Tie the bike/wheel together. With the bike resting on the ground, place the wheel next to the left side of the bike. You can use either string of large zipp ties for this.

Position the handlebars. If you’re packing a bike with flat bars, you can usually fit the bars on top of the top tube and wheel. Place them so they’re as narrow as possible so the bike will pass through the box opening. And make sure that no part of the bars or stem can bang into the frame or rim. Add padding if needed.

Then tie the bars in place. For dropped handlebars, try putting them under the top tube and partly inside the wheel (photo) or try resting the hooks on the top tube with the levers facing up. You may need to fine-tune the placement when the bike is in the box if the levers protrude too far.

Levers are fragile and expensive, so situate them safely, padding them if necessary. Also, pay attention to the cables and housing so you don’t kink them. Maintain loops in the housing and keep trying until you find a handlebar position that’s safe.

Now you can box it! Tape your parts box shut and place it in the bottom of the bike box (it’s a good idea to attach the box to the bike so it can’t move around). Rotate the fork 180 degrees, which will make the package a little shorter. Now, lift the bike and place it into the box so that the parts box ends up just behind the fork.   Wrap the seat/seatpost, rest it on the rear wheel and tie it to the wheel so it can’t get loose and bang up your bike. Pack aero handlebars similarly or wherever they fit best.   If you removed it, tie or tape the front brake so it can’t bang into anything. Then close and securely tape the box shut (don’t forget the bottom).

Don’t forget to pack the tools and materials needed to repack the bike for the return trip. At the other end if you have no where to store the box you can always pick up another from the LBS ( local bike shop) to save you from storing the box.

Remove the pedals, seat and seatpost. To prevent injury, use pliers to remove any loose large staples in the box top (often used to seal boxes at the factory). Use the small cardboard box to keep the small parts in to avoid them flying around in the box and scratching up your frame, or worse still falling out. . Shift the bicycle chain onto the small chainring and largest rear cog. This keeps the rear mech out of the road and lessens the risk of the derailleur hanger getting bent.

Follow these easy tips and your pride and joy should arrive in one piece.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Firefox MTV Series Bikes, Now available in India

Good News for All MTV & Bike Lovers...
Finally the most awaited Firefox MTV bikes has been arrived in India & very soon the bikes will be available at the Authorized Firefox Bike Stations in your city....

Just roll down your eyes to see the most astonishing range of Firefox MTV Bikes.....

Are you ready to Listen/Feel "MTV - Firefox" Beats!!!

for more details call at +91 9891400800 or write us at info@firefoxbikes.com

Monday, April 23, 2012

Result - Individual Time Trial Race (SPEED 2012)

Result - Individual Time Trial Race (SPEED 2012)

22nd April 2012

Race course: Expressway, Greater Noida.

Course distance : 20.06 kms

Total number of participants : 44

Overall Results :
Bib No Name Age Category Start Time End Time Time Taken Avg Speed
4 ADITYA UPADHAYAY 23 M<40 6:43:30 7:10:20 0:26:50 45.42
2 MUDIT SHARMA 18 M<40 6:42:30 7:10:19 0:27:49 43.78
53 NAVNEET SINGH KATHAIT 22 M<40 7:05:30 7:33:40 0:28:10 42.83
21 STEPHEN SOSLER 44 M>40 6:51:30 7:21:15 0:29:45 40.87
25 ABHISHEK CHOUDHARY 22 M<40 6:54:00 7:24:01 0:30:01 40.11
20 DOUQLAS SMITH 40 M=40 6:51:00 7:21:20 0:30:20 39.85
6 RAHUL 19 M<40 6:44:30 7:14:58 0:30:28 39.75
30 AKSHAY JAITLY 44 M>40 6:57:00 7:28:05 0:31:05 38.76
5 HIMANSHU KUMAR 19 M<40 6:44:00 7:15:07 0:31:07 38.74
7 CHETAN GUPTA 27 M<40 6:45:00 7:16:17 0:31:17 38.61
19 RYAN RUHL 37 M<40 6:50:30 7:23:46 0:33:16 36.30
14 ROHIT SHARMA 13 M<40 6:48:00 7:21:19 0:33:19 36.26
9 AMAR GUJRAL 28 M<40 6:46:00 7:19:21 0:33:21 36.24
3 RAHUL KUMAR 18 M<40 6:43:00 7:16:27 0:33:27 36.18
13 LUCKY 23 M<40 6:47:30 7:21:02 0:33:32 36.12
35 NITISH BAJAJ 39 M<40 7:00:30 7:34:05 0:33:35 36.09
22 KOBAYASHI 56 M>40 6:52:00 7:25:38 0:33:38 36.06
37 TIRATH SINGH 42 M>40 7:01:30 7:35:35 0:34:05 35.35
58 NITESH SINGH 19 M<40 7:06:30 7:40:42 0:34:12 35.28
23 GAGAN KHOSLA 56 M>40 6:52:30 7:26:42 0:34:12 35.28
10 GAURAV SHARMA 18 M<40 6:58:30 7:32:45 0:34:15 35.24
12 ROSHAN 13 M<40 6:47:00 7:21:40 0:34:40 34.99
17 MD.SAMEER 20 M<40 6:49:30 7:24:25 0:34:55 34.84
16 AFTAB FARIDI 17 M<40 6:49:00 7:24:27 0:35:27 34.13
15 SUJATA SINGH 19 F<40 6:58:00 7:33:45 0:35:45 33.95
8 RAJAT BHARGAVA 30 M<40 6:45:30 7:21:16 0:35:46 33.94
18 MATT BARRITT 40 M=40 6:50:00 7:26:24 0:36:24 33.21
24 MOHIT OBEROI 44 M>40 6:53:00 7:29:29 0:36:29 33.17
31 JASKARAN 26 M<40 6:57:30 7:34:01 0:36:31 33.15
57 SUMANT SINGH 48 M>40 7:04:30 7:41:15 0:36:45 33.02
36 CHIRO MITRA 42 M>40 7:01:00 7:38:09 0:37:09 32.45
34 MANAS ARVIND 36 M<40 7:00:00 7:37:30 0:37:30 32.27
11 RIYAZUDDIN 15 M<40 6:46:30 7:24:10 0:37:40 32.18
26 VARUN SANON 27 M<40 6:54:30 7:32:23 0:37:53 32.07
38 ANAND GUPTA 47 M>40 7:05:00 7:43:46 0:38:46 31.29
54 GURSIMRAN KAUR 18 F<40 7:03:30 7:43:50 0:40:20 29.94
56 GAURAV YADAV 14 M<40 7:04:00 7:44:22 0:40:22 29.93
32 VAMINI SETH 26 F<40 6:59:00 7:40:48 0:41:48 29.02
55 PRIYANKA YADAV 19 F<40 7:02:30 7:47:00 0:44:30 27.17
1   HARI BASKARAN 63 M>40 6:42:00 7:29:55 0:47:55 25.31
29 GOPAL KRISHNAN 42 M>40 6:56:00 7:44:35 0:48:35 24.89
27 NITIN RAJPUT 21 M<40 6:55:00 7:43:40 0:48:40 24.87
28 JITINDAR BIR SINGH 49 M>40 6:55:30 7:46:09 0:50:39 23.89
33 MITHLASH JHA 30 M<40 6:59:30 7:56:19 0:56:49 21.31
Total 44

Congratulations to All the participants....
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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Firefox Bikes introduces colorful hi-end helmets for bikes

Wearing a head protector or a helmet while riding a bi-cycle could save your life and in some cases, in an event of an accident, a head protector can reduce the risk of a severe head injury and could make the difference between life and death. Shiv Inder Singh, Managing Director, Firefox Bikes stresses, “It is mandatory in the case of two-wheelers, there is at the moment no legislation or law which makes it mandatory for a bi-cycle riders to don a helmet, which is an area of concern for us”. 

Keeping in mind these primary concerns, Firefox Bikes, the leading adventure bike manufacturers in India have put rider safety to utmost importance and high on its agenda. Firefox Bikes has come out with stylish and state–of–the–art head protective gears for all riding styles including road, mountain, BMX jumping plus a wide range of women specific designs from Prowell, Bontrager, Prorider and a lot more. The range of helmets starts from mention cost Rs. 600 to Rs.2700.

Firefox Bikes has introduced sleek and trendy head protective gear for kids in PVC and EPS inner shell, 6 ventilator holes in multiple colors and adult helmets with size adjustments, 11 ventilator holes in multiple colors. The other head–protectors are the Mold Helmets encased in a PV shell, with 14 ventilator holes, side adjusters and QR buckles. These are highly technical user specific pieces, which would certainly enhance the riding experience and take it to another level. Seeing the increasing culture of biking in women category, we are also looking at launching women specific head protector in tune with the demands of the modern women which would be vibrant in colors. Keeping its policy of constantly working towards creating an environment where biking is both a safe and thrilling experience, Firefox continues to look for better and new avenues for its customers to experience.